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I don’t know how. Oren and I tried for years, he always blamed me.

Beth, If/Then

To me, this is one of the most heartbreaking lines in If/Then and it’s probably overlooked by most people. It might just seem like a simple response to play off Kate’s ‘When, who..how?’ joke but there are so many layers of hurt riddled in it. This one sentence gives us so much insight into Elizabeth’s life before she moved back to New York.

Brian Yorkey is a freaking genius.

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what people don’t realize about That’s So Raven is how it paved a crucial path for women. In many of the episodes, we’d see Raven dress up in all sorts of different costumes. She promoted body positivity. She wasn’t trying to impress boys all the time. Raven taught girls that it’s ok to be dorks. The stereotype that women aren’t funny was proven wrong countless times throughout the series. That’s So Raven is the single best show in all of Disney Channel’s history


Schilling and Prepon look like two actresses that trust each other and feel comfortable in their friendship. It makes their pictures really shine their beauty. 

Rock on Ladies, thank you both for doing an outstanding job!